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Welcome to our site.This site is professionally crafted for the best tactical backpack 2019 buying guide. We will share our well researched suggestions and expert advises to keep you out of trouble and provide the best experience. Backpacks have become a part of our day to day life.

They have become important to carry our gears with us despite our profession. Tactical backpacks are military standard backpacks which offer excellent quality and portability. The use of the best tactical backpack for the money is not limited to military persons.

They have a wide range of uses and from a person who loves to hike or go fishing to extreme condition or even a housewife can use them for various purposes.Best tactical backpacks are also used as a bug out bag. A military person, an aviator, an explorer or a person in extreme condition can use them to get away from trouble.Best Tactical Backpack in 2019 – Comparison

 Best Tactical Backpacks For sale

Before getting into the ten best tactical backpacks for 2019 on the market right now, you should consider a few features that set the best packs apart from those that don’t quite measure up.

Durability:One thing that is common to the best tactical gear is that it is rugged and durable. They are built to be one of the last packs that you ever have to buy.

Storage :Unlike normal backpacks,best tactical backpacks

are built to compartmentalize everything that you need to have with you in a convenient and effective way.

Comfort :Knowing that you are buying this pack to use it on a regular basis, the best options out there all have sustained comfort features to make it easier for you to keep doing what you do.

Without further ado, here are the reviews for the

10 Best Tactical Backpack 2019 – Reviews

1. Condor 3 Day Assault Pack

best tactical backpackSurvival and convenience meet in a comfortable way with this Condor pack. Offering a great deal of cargo space, this backpack is one that will easily accommodate any of the must-take items on your list.

Additionally, the entire pack has survival features such as a hydration pocket that can fit two full three liter hydrations packs inside, offering up plenty of fluids for your outdoor adventure (with plenty to spare if you run into some trouble) It is one of the best 3 day tactical backpack for the money.


Large Capacity : With a total volume of over 3000 cubic inches, this Condor pack has a great deal of storage space for all of your essentials.

Comfort Features : As you want to see with any of the tactical packs that you are considering, this one is built for going the distance and remaining comfortable.

Heavy Duty Construction: Built to last, the sturdy construction of this pack will have it outlasting even the most aggressive of outdoorsmen.

Large Array of Compartments: With the large storage capacity comes many compartments to keep you organized.


Material Is Thin : While this might not be a bad thing when the weather is hot, it does tend to make the pack feel flimsy at times.

Zipper System Is Unreliable For Some Packs : Not a common problem, but a handful of customers have experienced faulty zippers.

2. Plan-B Sling Pack w/ MOLLE

best Tactical backpackWhile it might still be a trend to have single strapped backpacks out in the normal world, this isn’t something that is traditionally seen in tactical gear. From military applications to being on the move in a fast-paced scenario, this single strapped pack is going to have all of the necessary space and convenience that makes you never want to leave home without it.

The pack itself has taken all of the advantages to a single strap pack and made it even easier to carry, from its focus on wearer comfort as well as dependability and ergonomic design.

For those that have purchased packs from Hazard 4 in the past, this latest addition features molle cutouts, a locking buckle, and a semi-hard case/cap on the front for added protection of your items.


Comfort Centered Design : Understanding that comfort is important to you specifically, this pack is designed to be comfortable hours after you are wearing it.

Customizable : As with many top tactical gear, this pack is expandable with accessories and customizable in a number of ways.

Hydration Bladder Compatible : Staying hydrated is important. If this is your primary concern you will be relieved to know that this can fit a bladder up to 100 oz.


Small :Many customers were surprised by its smaller size.

Non-Waterproofed Zippers : This is not waterproof in any capacity, unlike many of the top tactical packs out there.

 3.  5.11 Tactical Rush 72

best tactical backpackAnother 72-hr. tactical bag that has a lot of bells and whistles is the 5.11 Tactical Rush 72 backpack. With its ample space and customization options, there are few things that you cannot tackle with this big pack. Perhaps one of its most promising features for the rugged outdoorsmen or infantryman is the water repellant nylon construction.

This keeps your gear safe and dry in even the most grueling of wet terrain and conditions. With its focus on comfort and convenience, this 3-day tactical pack can easily become your EDC (Every Day Carry), instead of just being with you when you have to gear up and head out.


Frame Support and Rigid Design : This is a pack that is built to distribute your heavy loads evenly, making it easier to carry.

Comfort Focused Features : Ventilation and padding combine to make this large 3-day pack easy to carry for prolonged periods.

3 Liter Hydration Pocket: Stay fully hydrated for your journey with a convenient 3 liter bladder pocket.

Roomy Compartments : Have no fears of not fitting all of your necessary gear with oversized compartments.


Can Be Bulky : Some have felt that the pack felt oversized and bulky.

Less Ergonomic Than Other Models : While it does have comfort features, when the pack is fully loaded it can still be uncomfortable at times.

 4. Eberlstock Halftrack Hunting Pack

best tactical backpack This is a pack that is all about efficiency. There aren’t a ton of frilly features or unnecessary pockets. This is all about features that real people who want real tactical gear will care about. Inspired from a similar design used in World War II, these packs are meant to be loaded down heavy and distribute the weight in a manageable and comfortable way.

A modest amount of tuck pockets line the inside of the pack, and its primary compartment can be divided into an upper and lower section with the use of a fold down shelf built into the pack.


 Similar In Design To Phantom Sniper Pack : For those that are fans of the Phantom Sniper pack, this backpack models that design by using the same pattern.

Ventilation System and Padding : Stay cool and comfortable in prolonged wearing situations.

Includes a Rain Cover For Water Protection : Keep your gear safe from the elements with an included rain cover. This also fits firearms that you might also be carrying.

Can Carry 6 Liters of Water : With the use of 2 pockets, you can have a total of 6 liters in hydration bladders.


Pack Is Heavier : While this might not be a big deal for many, this pack starts out at nearly 7 lbs. without gear.

Not Made In America : Many of the best tactical packs are made in America, but this is manufactured outside of the country.

 5.  G.P.S. Tactical Range Backpack

best tactical backpackFor those that have to carry firearms, or someone who is just an enthusiast with a need for easier way to carry their pistols with them on outdoor adventures, this is the pack for you. With a slew of pockets and storage compartments, there is little that you can’t take along with you.

Even for just a simple trip to the range on a regular basis, the included pistol inserts and magazine slots make organizing and carrying all of your gear simpler and safer.

Its large main compartments are ideal for a plethora of survival gear, food and water, or an excellent place to store a large amount of extra ammunition.


Triple Stitched MOLLE Webbing System : The customizable MOLLE features are even more effective with triple stitching for added lasting power and durability.

Rigid Design : This pack was built to work as hard as you do, and the rigid design can handle any condition you throw at it.

Comfort Features : Comfort is one of the primary focuses of any potential customer, and this pack has a lot of features that can make the journey a little more comfortable.


Thinner Material : The actual material for the pack is thinner, leading some customers to consider it unreliable.

Small Pistol Insert Bags : Not all pistols will easily fit into the inserts on the pack, so be mindful of sizing concerns.

 6.  5.11 Covrt18 Backpack

best Tactical backpackNo matter what you need a legit tactical pack for, this is certainly one that you should be taking a closer look at. This backpack has a lot of storage space, as well as a slew of convenience features that can easily turn it into an EDC for you.

With a heavy focus on comfort, durability and high quality materials, this pack is meant to last under any kind of conditions you might find yourself. Fully integrates with other 5. 11 tactical accessories, so this pack has a lot of versatility for any needed use.

Finally, this backpack is ideal for those that are looking for accessible firepower on the go, as it has a convenient assault compartment that can hold a full-sized firearm which is easy and quick to obtain from the pack.

Check Price at Amazon.Com


Compatible With Other 5.11 Tactical Gear : 5.11 makes a lot of accessories, nearly all of which you can use to upgrade and customize your pack.

Breathable, Waterproof Nylon : The stout nylon construction adds a cool breathability to the entire pack while simultaneously offering waterproofing for all of your gear.

Roomy Design : Having enough space is not going to be an issue with this pack, as it has a fair amount of storage for all of your essentials.

Roll-Down Assault Compartment : This compartment is an easy access system for grabbing a full sized firearm at a moment’s notice.


 Bottom of Pack Isn’t Reinforced : The bottom of this backpack isn’t double lined or thicker, leading some customers to doubt its stability.

A Bit Larger Than Traditional Covert Packs: While covert packs are usually a little smaller than this, the upgrade in size means you don’t have to downgrade your gear.

 7. Direct Action Dust Tactical Backpack

BEST TACTICAL BACKPACKThis one day pack might be a little on the smaller side of the spectrum, but it has more features than many of the larger packs that are featured on this list. While many customers have already deemed this an everyday carry bag for all of their daily hauling needs, the pack was originally created with military and law enforcement application in mind.

There are a host of comfort features, such as the ventilation system, are comprised of contoured padding and mesh for breathability. While the primary compartment offers over 20 liters of storage space, the well-designed placement of the secondary pockets all over the pack make getting organized a snap.


Lightweight : Light design makes the pack easier to carry.

Water Resistant : Keep your gear safe from the elements.

Some Styles are Near Infrared Treated (NIR): Reduce being spotted with night vision with NIR treated select packs.

Comfort Features For Prolonged Use : Stay in the action longer with features like added padding and ventilation.


Smaller Than Many Tactical Packs : Pack is smaller than many other options in its class.

One Day Pack : Adding to its small size, this is only rated for a 24 hr. use.


8. Maxpedition Sitka Gearslinger

best tactical backpackThis is a highly durable pack that is being billed as “practically indestructible”. One of the big boasts about this particular backpack is that it is comprised of the best materials on the market, making it a sound investment that will stay in peak performance for many years to come.

While this is a one shoulder sling bag, it is designed to be slid around (without removing the pack) to access the contents of its compartments. In terms of volume, this small pack has an impressive 618 cubic inches of available cargo space for all of your gear, accessories and survival necessities.


Durable Materials : Constructed to take a beating without damage.

Water Resistance : Keep your gear safe from precipitation and watery conditions.

Double-Stitched In Critical Areas : Designed to hold up longer with double stitching in stress points.

High Tensile Strength : Carry more weight more comfortably.


Small Number of Compartments :Limited compartments make organization trickier.

Design Can Be Uncomfortable To Some Users : Some customers have found the feel of the pack to be uncomfortable after long uses.

 9. 5.11 Tactical RUSH Moab 10

best tactical backpackThis might not be the largest pack that is included in this list, but it does have the ability to be attached to the much larger pack in the RUSH series of bags from 5.11. While this also falls in line with the single shoulder packs, it has a great list of features that can make it a great value for its price.

Its durable nylon construction means that this pack is meant to take a beating without failing you. Integrated features into the design (for both convenience and practical reasons), such as the tech pocket with earbud openings and the concealed pistol compartment, offer a unique experience when using this best tactical backpack under $50 over others that have made this list.


 Concealed Pistol Compartment: Keep your concealed weapon close and accessible.

Durable Nylon Construction : Built to stand up against the harshest of conditions.

Integrated Tech Pocket With Ear-bud Opening : Tech pocket allows access to earpieces and earbuds without exposing the phone or tech.


Concealed Pistol Compartment is Small:Concealed compartment is not ideal for larger pistols.

10. Military Rucksack Tactical Backpack

best tactical backpacksWhile this is undoubtedly being promoted for military application, this could very easily suit the needs of anyone who is looking for a durable and affordable tactical backpack. One of the reasons it is one of the best tactical backpacks to buy is its versatility (through MOLLE attachments) and a slew of compartments that make organization and proper packing a cinch.

This lighter weight pack is ideal for those that enjoy all facets of the outdoors such as hiking, camping and hunting. With a large capacity main compartment, you can have all of your essential items with you wherever you go.


Expandable Main Compartment : Starting out at 5 inches, this main compartment can spread out to 10 inches for added storage space.

Tech Pockets : Integrated tech pockets allow access to earbuds and earpieces without exposing the tech that runs them.


All Features Not Ideal For Larger Wearers : Some larger customers have found comfort features to be less effective.

Best Tactical Backpack For The Money Buying Guide

best tactical backpack 2018

We will try to cover everything that you will need to choose and buy the best tactical backpack 2018. We live in a time of abundance there are thousands of options to choose from if you can afford them of course. This abundance is a blessing for us no doubt, but it can also become a problem if not properly researched.

Most customers find it very difficult to choose the best fit for them due to the numerous options that they have. We have already shared some light about the various uses of tactical backpack. A bug out bag, an EDC (Every day carry) bag, laptop carrier, to carry fishing gears or other gear for hiking and travelling are some of the applications of tactical backpack. If you do not have the right idea about the applications of tactical backpack and your goals to achieve with it then things can take dramatic turns against you.

Best Tactical Backpack

We are dedicated to save you from those troubles and provide you the best insights before you take the final decision. There will be our best choices for you to choose from so that you can make a quick decision and save time. We all learn from our mistakes.

This necessarily does not have to be your own mistake. You can always learn from mistakes made by other people from getting in touch with them and hearing them out. We have collaborated with people and researched the most common mistakes that people make while buying best tactical backpack For The Money.

People do not always make critical mistakes, but there are many silly mistakes that people make due to the rush they make during the process. We hope to cover everything in clear details possible. We assure you the best results after you complete the research with us.

There can be some issues that you do not agree with us, but you have to trust our experience so that you can get the most benefit from us. We welcome you again and assure you that you have made the right choice by choosing us to assist you. Let’s get started with the details that you must know.

When you want the best tactical backpack out there, you aren’t just looking for a couple of humdrum features and a brand name. Whether you are a weekend warrior hitting the hiking trails or an avid hunter headed deep into the woods in search of prey, your pack is a virtual lifeline to all of the things that you need to survive.

How to Select the best Tactical Backpack?

The best tactical backpack is highly appreciated by people for the standard and durability that it offers. The term has originated from military services, but their use is no longer limited to military persons. Everyone can use them to achieve their particular goals. There is a wide range of things that you should consider before buying a tactical backpack.

You may have some experience with a military standard backpack or this is your first time. After reading this guide you will have enough knowledge to make the right decision for yourself. We will divide the important parts into several sections and explain them so it becomes more understandable and easy to follow. Let’s get started with this simple challenge.

There must be some ideas or points that came up in your mind after you have made the decision to buy a tactical backpack. You don’t have to rule them out yet. Take a glance to our top priorities and other features, then make a calm and calculated decision. Our top priorities are as follows

  • Purpose / Goal
  • Comfort
  • Materials
  • Space
  • Compartments
  • Design
  • Avoid common mistakes
  • Some additional points to consider

Purpose: There are different ways to priorities your product, but we always suggest people to take the purpose as their first consideration. Our assumption is that you already know the purpose for your best tactical backpack as you are here. In case you have not decided yet, then ask yourself the simple question “what I am going to do with this military standard backpack?”. The answer will vary based on your profession and interests.

Do not ignore the answer because it will help you get the best available option for you. Otherwise, things can become a real mess. Take your time to decide the best product suitable for you. There are plenty of fancy tactical backpacks to choose from but they may not be the perfect match for you.

best tactical backpack

Comfort: Our aim with the best tactical backpack may differ, but the backpack will have to carry some load that is an unchangeable fact. A doctor will carry medical equipment, an engineer will carry a laptop or other engineering equipment, a fisherman will carry fishing gear and so on. If the backpack is not comfortable enough, then you will have a very hard time to cope with it.

You will also be sending an open invitation to back pain and it will have no mercy on you. The weight of the backpack is also associated with comfort. Due to the design and materials of the backpack it can be heavy. Though most manufacturers try to avoid the weight. They also know that extra weight can become the cause of multiple problems.

So they try to avoid this by all means. Even though the manufacturers are concerned about the fact, but some backpack become heavy to achieve other goals. If you do not need those edition then you must avoid them. The straps are associated with the comfort of your backpack as they defines the way you will carry it around and how the weight is distributed across your body. Padding and breathable 3D wicking fabric backing offer the best comfort for the backpack straps.

This feature is mostly available with every manufacturer. Still, you should be careful during the checking session. Grab handle is another important aspect of your backpack when you want to carry them with your hand. There is usually grab handle on top of the bag and the best tactical backpack 2018 also has grab handles sideways.

They must be comfortable so that you can hold them as  long as you need. Shoulder straps and grab handles must have padding to offer the comfort that you will always need. Do not even think about compromising on the comfort levels of your backpack. It may lead you to very unfortunate and unpleasant situations.

Materials: There are few common materials that manufacturers have been using to make the best tactical backpack. The materials, mostly offer excellent durability. Apart from durability, weight is another important concern. You must select something that is durable and also light weighted. We have already covered the demerits of heavy backpacks in the comfort section. Hopefully you have understood it already. The most common materials for tactical backpacks are:

  • Nylon
  • Rip Stop Nylon
  • Polyester
  • Canvas

Nylons are strong, durable and it takes minimum time to dry. So if you have plans for lots of outdoor activity like fishing, hiking or any other adventure, then nylons is the best choice for you. Rip stop nylon is another version of nylon but it has extra weaving of nylon thus it becomes even stronger.Best Tactical Backpack

As this version has extra weaving it is heavier than the original nylon version. Polyester does not offer the strength like nylons, but it has its own benefits. Polyester is well known for the UV resistance.

If you are planning to carry something that needs more UV protection, then polyester is your best choice. It will keep your gear more protected from UV and allow them longer lifetime. Canvas is the oldest material, but it has maintained a place for itself. It is very strong but relatively heavy. It also tears easily than the other competitors.

There are some standards of those fabrics that has different levels of strength. Here are some examples of fabrics that manufacturers use:

  • 1680D Polyester/PU 
  • 1680D Nylon/PU
  • 1050D Nylon/PU
  • 1050D Cordura/PU
  • 600D 64T Polyester/PVC
  • 600D 84T Polyester/PU

There are other versions too. You should never choose below the 600D fabric. It is very strong and will serve most of your purpose but if you plan something that will need incredible strength then 1050D is the best choice for you.

Different strength tests have proven that heavier materials are relatively stronger than the lighter one. You should select the standard based on your need.

Do not select something that is heavy and very strong, but that strength has nothing to do with your works. 600D 84T Polyester/PU has strength of 127.4N. The strength is measured in Newton. 1050D Nylon/PU has strength of 291.7N.

You can also check the difference of strength by searching online. There are other matters that contribute to the strength of the best tactical backpack For The Money like backing materials. That was a lot on the strength. Time to switch to learn about the other materials if we have not blown your mind already.

Zippers and zipper tracks should be your next concern. The most used YKK zippers and zipper tracks are of course the best choice. They also have self healing zipper tracks which can be very handy and helpful for you. Zipper polls must be easy to operate and strong to provide the best support. That was almost everything for you to consider right now.Best Tactical Backpack

Space: Best tactical backpacks for men come with different designs and space availability. Select your product wisely so that you can carry everything you need with comfort. Every step has its own importance. There is no one sentence solution for your best tactical backpack 2018 buying guide. So be careful with every step and consider them as the most important one. Consider a situation where you have done everything right, but the backpack does not have sufficient space to accommodate your gears then everything else will eventually become pointless.

Compartments: Best tactical backpack has multiple compartments. The compartments help us to keep things separate in their designated place and carry them around easily.

If we had to keep everything together, then multiple issues would arise like damage and space complexity. Compartments are there to assist us, but they can be troublesome if you do not take a look at them with careful eyes.

A backpack can have small compartments and your gears may not fit inside them. In that case an advantage will turn into a disadvantage and the backpack will become useless in a matter of time.

Take the time to do the research and save yourself. Keep one thing in mind that the internal organization of the compartments has to be pixel perfect.

Design: External design is your personal taste. It is not as important as the other points. You can choose any design based on your taste. Make sure you do not select anything that does not fit your profession.

This may lead you to look like a clown. The internal design has a lot to do with the functionality of the backpack so proper caution is advised. The shoulder straps are already discussed in our comfort section.

There are some additional things that can be taken under consideration like how they are attached to the backpack.

There are two different versions of this. The straps are built in with your backpack or they are sewn in. You must have already guessed that the built in version is stronger than the sewed inversion.

It is exactly like that. Compression straps are another useful feature which helps to keep everything together tightly.

This allows an easier transportation facility for us. There are two types of straps which are full body and sideways. The compression straps must be strong too.

There is another type of strap which is called independent straps and they allow us to compress individual things like gears, dresses and other necessary things.

The independent straps provide great assistance with our packing. PALS webbing is another productive feature of the best tactical backpack design.

The full form of PALS webbing is Pouch Attachment Ladder System. They are very useful to attach smaller tools and carry them with ease. There are pockets, pouches, sleeves and waist straps that you must check carefully to match your requirement.

best tactical backpacks

Avoid Common Mistakes: We have decided to highlight and share some insight about the most common mistakes because lots of people suffer from them one way or another. People make these mistakes due to the laziness or for the rush that they make during the process.

There are some silly mistakes that can be easily avoided with a little precaution. The mistakes can be leveled as silly, but the consequences can become extremely high.

So there is no way to ignore anything intentionally. We often get carried away by the beautiful design and forget important properties like the internal organization. This is where you must be careful. Take some time and check the backpack thoroughly. You may not physically go to the store, but there is enough resources online to study. We have tried to cover as much as possible so you do not have to worry about anything.

Some Additional Points to Consider:

It has been a long ride for you but still there is more to consider. The price of your best tactical backpack also needs to be precisely within your budget. There are plenty of backpacks which are cheap or maintains a reasonable price and they also have excellent quality.

We assure you that you can get your desired backpack with a very small budget. We have a highly competitive market, which gives us the luxury to get best product without spending a lot. Do not run after any particular brand that has over priced products.

We often like to go after specific brands while there are other available options which are relatively cheaper. If you are planning for adventures, then you can also buy a repair kit.

You will be able to repair your backpack by yourself. Things may get out of hand while you are on an adventure. We all know that accidents can happen without any warning and all we can do is take precaution.

Point Well Taken:

If  you have understood our points, then everything else should make sense. We all have our own ways to look at a certain thing or event, but after all we agree on some basic grounds. There should not be any disagreements with our points as we have invested enough time to make sure the most important points are covered.

Final Thoughts

While anyone who is already familiar with The Best tactical backpacks for man might be able to appreciate the need or want for a full 3-day pack, sometimes this just isn’t all that practical.

Especially if you are someone that is easily able to resupply your pack on a daily basis, or this is just a light duty EDC pack for you, then the obtuse size of a 72 hour tactical backpack is a little over the top.

Especially with some of the more grueling day to day obligations, such as the military or law enforcement, having that added bulkiness and weight can really be more of a burden than a fuller size pack is worth.

What Consider When Buy Best Military Backpack

best Tactical Backpack

A military backpack or a military standard backpack is also known as a tactical backpack. Though the best tactical backpack has some variation in name, but the feature is all the same.

There are various characteristics of a military standard backpack, but among them the durability or the strength can be highlighted as the main one. People prefer military standard backpacks due to the strong and sturdy nature of the backpack and of course the durability also comes with it.

If you are wondering about the trend and what you should consider while buying the best tactical backpack Under 100 then you have landed in the perfect place.

You should already know that every military standard backpack is not used by a military person. The term certainly originates from the military use, but it does not have to be actively used.

The quality and materials that are used to build the backpack holds the real value behind it. Most of the times the military purchases something that well meets their budget.

They will never go after some fancy looking and expensive backpack. They always go after something that meet the standard qualifications. So we can say that the quality and the budget are their primary concern, but what should you consider for the best military backpack is our primary concern.

There are various manufacturers who are offering a wide range of products to satisfy the demands of the customers. There are numerous options for us to choose from and with some easy to follow guidelines you will also be able to select the best one for you. Let’s prioritize a list of considerations to strengthen our knowledge and understand the subject in depth.

  • Strength of the tactical backpack
  • Focus on the design with the task in mind
  • Avoid common mistakes

Strength of the tactical backpack:

Selecting a best military backpack is not very hard, but prioritizing the key points can become complicated. There is no single point that defines or completes the best tactical backpack as a whole item. There are multiple points that need the same amount of attention to make sure everything is in place.

Though there are multiple things to consider the most prominent feature is the strength without any doubt. The materials used to build the backpack are the main concern of this point.A military standard backpack must be sturdier than the ordinary backpacks available in the market.

People choose The best tactical backpack brands to get something that will endure the pressure and serve for a long time without any trouble. Polyester and Nylon are the most common materials used to build the best tactical backpack 2017. They also have different standards based on their strength.

You should never select something below the 600D range. If you get something that is 1000D or above, then it is far better. 600D will serve your purpose well enough if you do not plan anything that will require extreme strength.

The shoulder straps also carry significant importance for the backpack. The zippers are also an important part to consider for your best military backpack. The YKK zippers are a popular choice in this sensitive section. YKK also offers self-healing zipper tracks for the convenience of the user.

The grab handles on the top and also the sideways grab handles needs to be very strong to assist you carry the load without any second thought. The shoulder straps and grab handles have different attachment techniques. They can be built in or just sewed in. The built in version is usually stronger than the sewed version, but the difference in not too much.

Focus on the design with the task in mind:

best tactical backpack

In this section we will mainly focus on the design features that are important for the purpose of the tactical backpack not on the external look of it. External look is the personal choice of the buyer and it does not have any effect on the performance at all.

The tactical backpacks are further divided into various subgroups based on their targeted usage. Best tactical laptop backpack, best tactical EDC (Everyday Carry) backpack, best tactical survival backpack or the best 3 day bug out backpack are different names used to highlight the purpose of the various backpack designs.

They will offer the best service only if the backpacks are used for the right purpose. Otherwise, things can get hazardous. So select the backpack wisely with the right intention in mind. If you have multiple goals, then you may end up compromising all of them. The EDC can have multiple usage, but the best tactical laptop backpack should only have one single purpose.

Avoid Common Mistakes: 

There are some common mistakes that people often make while selecting the best military backpack. The common mistakes are highly highlighted on the internet, but people are still making them due to the lack of attention and other silly reasons. One of the most common mistake is our misbelief that expensive tactical backpacks are better than the relatively cheaper ones.

We end up buying backpacks that exceeds our budget due to this stupid fact. Selecting a wrong sized and heavier backpack is also considered under the common mistake section. Learn from the mistakes that people has already made and try not to repeat them at any cost.

Final Thoughts:

The selection process is certainly not as complicated as we make it due to the lack of knowledge and patience. We will consider that you have got the major points and essential knowledge about them to avoid the mistakes. You can still make mistakes by unfortunately overlooking the key points if you rush through the entire process.

Select a free time to check the whole best military standard tactical backpack to make sure everything we have mentioned is there. Otherwise, you can read article after article, but the output will be all the same.

If you strictly follow our instructions, then there is nothing to be afraid to make the big decision. Go with confidence and come back to our site for other best tactical backpack related queries.

The Benefits of The Best tactical backpacks for Men:

best tactical backpack

You must have heard a lot about military standard backpack or a small tactical backpack. Everyone around you want to have one of them.  You cannot help yourself, but wonder about what really sets them apart.

We are here to satisfy your curiosity and answer about those benefits so you will be able to compare them with the traditional backpacks. If you are considering it as one of the modern trends, then that idea is also going to be crushed by these mind blowing benefits that a tactical backpack offers.

The main benefits of the tactical backpacks are:

  • Strength and durability
  • More compartments
  • More comfort
  • Designed for adventure

Strength and durability: The building materials of best tactical backpack make the real differences from other traditional backpacks. This military standard backpack is made with tough materials to ensure their strength. Due to the strong materials used to build them, they also lasts for a very long time. You will be able to use them to in all situations and also give them huge load without any trouble. They will endure everything and keep serving for many good years to come.

best tactical backpack

More compartments: Traditional backpacks are only designed to carry loads around, but there are organizational issues. They tend to have fewer compartments and all your loads are placed in one or two huge compartments. It becomes very hard to locate them when you need them most. Sometimes you may even need to bring almost everything out to get the desired object.

What else can be more annoying than that? When comes to tactical backpack there are lots of compartments to store different gears separately, thus it becomes very easy to locate them. There are lots of different best tactical backpack models that have different compartment allocations so you can select them based on your work demand.

More comfort: Best tactical backpack designs prioritizes the comfort of the user at any cost. If the backpack is not comfortable to carry around then it generally causes lots of other problems for the user, shoulder pain is one example of them. The manufactures try to avoid this by any means possible.

Some of those steps include the perfect padding of the shoulder straps and the proper distribution of weight all around the body. They also take great measures for the shoulder straps to be breathable. You may not understand the applications and benefits of breathable padding of shoulder straps or the weight distribution, but they will make your life more comfortable without any doubt.

Designed for adventure: Adventure is a part of human nature. Everyone loves some levels of adventure.

Best tactical backpacks for men are designed to military use standard so they are best fit for all sorts of adventures that you can think of. They also have the waterproof feature to further increase your confidence. They are your best options to carry your gears around for a complete adventure.

Once you get your hand on your desired best tactical backpack then you will find out that there are in fact much more than we have discussed here. Modular connectivity, hydration pocket are some other benefits that will take your joy to a different level. If you are thinking about getting a tactical backpack now you can easily relate those benefits with your demand without wasting any time in hesitation.

How to Choose The Best Tactical Backpack Large :

best tactical backpack

Though best tactical backpack large has numerous benefits, but choosing them can become a very tedious work. There are lots of measures that you need to consider for a perfect backpack. We will give you a perfect guideline and share some best practices so that you can make the best decision for yourself.

Make a perfect plan:Planning is an important part of every work. A well thought work is guaranteed to produce the best result. You have made an excellent decision by selecting tactical backpack over the traditional backpacks. A perfect plan will complete your step. We have divided this step into other important subsections so that you can understand it easily.

What type of tactical backpack do you need: A military tactical backpack has the potential to serve you for a long time, if you select it carefully. There are different grouping techniques that we follow to separate the backpacks. The two main categories of tactical backpack are the long haul and the EDC (Every Day CARRY). We have only considered the size and purpose of the backpack here.

The long haul is the large version of the best tactical backpack. The long haul will serve the purpose of long trips and adventures as they have the capacity to carry more load than the EDC. This version of tactical backpack is also heavier than the EDC. They are also known as the expedition tactical backpacksbest tactical backpacks

On the other hand an EDC is designed to carry gear for a day’s work. This type of backpack is highly used by professionals and students to carry their gears for daily work.

Now compare this with your need and decide which version of the tactical backpack you need. If you need to carry lots of gears for a long time, then the long haul is perfect for you. They both have shoulder straps to carry the load. The padding allows the user to carry the load with ease.

There is another smaller and differently designed tactical backpack known as the sling backpack or bag. The sling bag only has one strap to carry the load.

You have to sling the backpack over one shoulder to your body to carry it around. There are additional attachments to support the backpack from swinging around. Sling bags are very small even compared to the EDC. Make sure you do not fall for the interesting design without considering your needs.

Do the research: Research is the systematic analysis or investigation to reach a conclusion. You may wonder why on earth you should do a research to choose the best tactical backpack brands. The answer is simple. You need to make sure that you do not regret your decision by rushing it up.

The good news is you do not have to perform a complete research to accomplish this. You will get enough insight by reading this article. To get more insight we suggest you to read our other related articles like the best tactical backpack Under $50 buying guide and what to consider when buying the best tactical backpack for edc. Those articles will increase your knowledge and help to make the best plan.

Select a few:

Short listing is a great practice to come up with the best result. We suggest you to follow the shortlisting technique to achieve the best result. Follow some basic criteria to make the list.

Make a budget: Before jumping in to make the selection make a range of money that you want to spend for the tactical backpack. Following a strict budget will make things easy for you and also restrict you from spending more money. Tactical backpacks are not very expensive, but there are some expensive editions too. If you want to buy one of them, then it is alright, but they do not have something very special.

Compare them thoroughly:

Now that you have made a budget, it is time for the next level. Select four or five backpacks and start analyzing them. You can make a note to write down the merits and demerits of each of those backpacks. The most important points to consider are the design, capacity, comfort, suspension style, strength, compartments, loading style and some additional features. Let’s try to understand more about those points so they make clear sense for you.

Design: The design of the backpack is not really about the fancy outlook of the tactical backpack. It is the purpose of the backpack it is built for. Select something that will serve your purpose rather than something that looks fancy. You can select a multipurpose bag if there is nothing specific in your mind. A multipurpose bag will allow you to switch and adjust as you need it.

Capacity: The everyday carry tactical backpacks also have different capacity levels to store your stuff. Make a list of things you will need to carry around with you and select the perfect capacity so there is no future issues. The long hauls or the larger backpacks also have different sizes. There are sizes to load supplies for one whole week and some even bigger sizes allows to load supplies for more than a week. No one knows your demand better than yourself so it is absolutely up to you.

Comfort: This is another important consideration for you. Compare your selection with great awareness as there is no space for error here. A comfortable backpack will offer best shoulder straps with proper padding. It should also distribute the weight towards your whole body instead of any single part of the body. A proper distribution of weight will help you save your energy and also protect you from injuries. Grab handles are also a concern in this section. Make sure you do not ignore them.

Suspension style: Here we will give you a deeper analysis of suspension style of The best tactical backpack large. This is of course a part of the comfort section, but we have separated this to emphasize its importance.

There are three types of suspension style widely used by the manufacturers. Fixed, adjustable and interchangeable suspension style is the terms used for them. A fixed suspension style does not allow you to modify the shoulder straps. They follow a fixed calculation method to make it the best fit for different users.

The weight is distributed on the hip with the fixed suspension style. The adjustable suspension style allows you to adjust the length based on your need. Most people find this to be the best option as they can modify the straps and decide where the weight will be allocated. This is also a perfect match for people of all sizes. Finally, some manufacturers make interchangeable hip and shoulder straps. They are best fit for people who are either short or tall.

Strength: The main feature of the tactical backpack is the strength of it. The strength of the materials used to manufacture the bag also helps it to achieve its long life. You need to make sure the material is both strong and durable. Tactical backpacks are made with different variations of Nylon and Polyester.

Nylons are light weighted than Polyester. We have covered this subject in great details in our “best tactical backpack reviews and buyer’s guide”. Make sure you check that post too for a deeper understanding of this subject. There are different standards of those materials.

Make sure you do not go down below the 600D standard. The 1000D is highly suggested by experts as it will serve your every demand. They will also endure every stresses that come on the way. The zippers and zipper tracks are also very important for the durability of your backpack. Check this option carefully and shorten the primary list.

Compartments: The best tactical backpack for The Money has more compartments than the traditional backpacks. The compartments will allow you to place things separately and also give you quick access to them. Traditional big compartments do not offer this benefit.

They make things hard to find while you cannot afford the delay. Precisely calculate your need and select the best option among them. Do not get distracted by anything at this point. You will enjoy the benefits of your efforts without any doubt.

Loading Style: What is your preferred loading style? There are three types of loading style. The front loading, top loading and the mix of both styles. The front loading style is not very comfortable, but it has its benefits.

The top loading style will allow you to load your gears more easily, but there is one problem with this style. You must be careful while loading them because retrieving them can become a problem. The combination of both styles is a good option.

It allows you the ease of loading and also allow to load the most needed in the front loader part. The zippers, clasps and other securing materials play a big role here.

Additional features: There are some additional features that you can also keep in check. The water resistant feature and hydration pocket will take everything to a different level.

Have you come up with the best match yet? You should be knowledgeable enough to understand the different properties of best tactical backpack and be able to get one for yourself.

Take your time to finalize your decision because there is no harm investing more time before you buy one of them. It may become very hard to undo your decision after the purchase but before that step you can do whatever you want.

Voted Best Tactical Backpacks For The money In 2019

Some professional considerations:

Now let’s discuss a little more if you are up to nothing but adventure. The above mentioned steps are still important for you. They are excellent advices and considerations that will serve the general users. If you are equipping yourself for hard core adventure, then you must make sure there is no lacking with your preparation.

A poorly selected tactical backpack is a major weakness and it will make you vulnerable in the most extreme situation. PALS webbing is an important feature for the adventure lovers. PALS webbing is the Pouch Attachment Ladder System that is developed by the United States army.

This allows the tactical backpack to attach different important tools with them. They do not only increase the capacity to carry more load, but also allows to get them in the easiest and time convenient way. This is a lifesaver for hikers and other adventure lovers. MOLLE is another version of this system.

MOLLE stands for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. This system is equivalent to the PALS webbing and some NATO forces have adopted this system for the benefits it offers them. As a lover of adventure we want you to get the most of it.

On the other hand, if you are planning to go fishing with your tactical backpack, the waterproof feature is a must have for you. Zipper tracks are the most vulnerable part of your tactical backpack.

Some manufacturers take extra precaution to avoid this problem. Make sure you select something that has the best waterproofing capacity. This will help you to keep your fishing gears in good conditions.

There are special tactical backpack designs, especially for women. They are smaller in size, but serves the cause well. The narrow design of those backpacks and close shoulder straps ensure the best comfort for women.

A woman’s body structure is not like a man so the manufacturers have paid special attention to this. This step helps both the manufacturers and the female users to achieve a win – win situation.

best tactical backpack

You have learned about the important considerations and best practices ensure the best output, but is there anything that can go wrong? Unfortunately, there are still chances that you end up making a silly mistake. Make sure you are alert in every step of your decision and follow the order precisely.

You can also gather some knowledge about the common mistakes that people make to avoid them with your best ability. We have provided you with the pixel perfect theory. Now everything will depend on you whether you follow them carefully or not. Following them carefully will offer the best result and also give you the peace of mind. Enjoy the good life and of course come back for any best tactical backpack related issue.


Best Tactical Backpackbest tactical backpack

  • What are the main features of a tactical backpack?

Answer: A tactical backpack offers military standard backpack for our general use and they have lots of excellent features on top of that. The main feature of a tactical backpack is its sturdiness and durability. Other features include more comfort, more compartments and perfect for all sorts of adventures. More compartments allow you to organize and locate things with ease. In addition to that, they also offer the water resistant feature.

  • What are the different types of tactical backpacks?

Answer: Tactical backpacks are categorized based on their size and use. The two general categories are the long haul and the EDC (every day carry backpack). You can of course use the long haul as an EDC but they are usually built to carry more loads and are relatively bigger in size. The EDC can have different varieties, a laptop carrier an excellent example of them.

  • How expensive are the tactical backpacks?

Answer: The best tactical backpack has lots of excellent features and advantages so many people confuse them to be very expensive. The fact is that they are not very expensive and you will be able to find your perfect match right under your budget.

  • What are the materials used to manufacture tactical backpack?

Answer: Tactical backpack offers the best durability and the lightweight feature to ensure our comfort. Nylon is the main material that has helped manufacturers to achieve this goal. 1050D Cordura Nylon is a good example and this material offers excellent strength.

  • What benefits do the YKK zippers add to a tactical backpack?

Answer: The YKK zippers are widely used and they offer excellent service without any doubt. The YKK zippers also offer self-healing zipper tracks. They really are an outstanding choice for your best tactical backpack zippers.

  • Why should I buy a tactical backpack?

Answer: In simple English you should buy a tactical backpack over the traditional backpack to make your life easy. Your life will become easy due to the excellent comfort and organizational properties of the best tactical backpack that is hard to find with other available options. You should already know that they last longer than the traditional backpacks.

Top 5 Best Tactical Backpack Under $50 Comparison

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In most cases, tactical backpacks are used by the armed forces. They are used to carry tactical gear required for various military tasks. Tactical backpacks have always been popular for their extreme reliability and durability. Most tactical backpacks are larger than regular or standard backpacks. They also have some unique compartments, and feature compatibility with hydration systems.

The armed forces use tactical backpacks on marches, patrols and expeditions. They are used for all kinds of jobs where military officers need to carry some tools with them. In the military, these backpacks are also called the assault backpacks or military backpacks. They are even used by civilians for various activities, including hiking, camping, outdoor excursions, fishing, backpacking and more.

If you’ve been looking for a high quality tactical backpack, you need to consider some important factors to make an informed choice. In this guide, I have tried to provide all the information you need to buy the best tactical backpack available in the market.

The Ultimate Tactical Backpack Guide

best tactical backpack

Tactical backpacks have some special qualities that distinguish them from other standard backpacks. They are specifically designed with the idea to be used by the police and military personnel on tactical excursions and missions. Therefore, they are very compact in size. Due to this, they provide the wearer with more mobility.

Another excellent feature of tactical backpacks is the sufficient amount of unique compartments. These compartments can easily hold different tactical gear to be used by policemen and soldiers. Most assault or tactical backpacks have side pockets that make it easier to access the gear without removing the backpack.

Most of these features are not always present in tactical backpacks. However, if your budget allows, they can be excellent additions to the backpack. Your choice of features will depend on your needs, requirements and preferences.

Consider the Size of the Backpack

It is important to understand that each backpack is constructed differently. Therefore, the amount of gear a backpack can carry varies greatly. In other words, instead of just considering the dimensions of the backpack, you need to consider the overall volume to store tactical gear in the backpack.

Most tactical backpack manufacturers mention the volume that the bag can hold in litres or inches. It is worth mentioning
that the amount of volume would mean all the space, including the space taken by compartments, pockets or detachable pouches. It is important to consider the total volume of the backpack before making a choice.

A tactical backpack is considered to be quite large when it can properly hold about 45 litres or more. If it holds any less weight, it is considered to be quite small in size. In order to get a clear idea about how much a tactical backpack can hold, you should determine the volume of the backpack by filling it up with plastic balls.

You should count the number of balls, and figure out the total volume of your tactical backpack. In real world situations, your backpack will not hold everything so nicely. Thus, it’s exact volume will be slightly less than what you calculate with the plastic balls.

Factors Affecting the Durability and Strength of the Best Tactical Backpacks for Man:

There are many different factors that can affect the durability and strength of a backpack. Some of these have been discussed below.

Construction Materials – Construction material is the most important factor to determine the durability and strength of your tactical backpack. These bags are made from two different materials, including Polyester and Nylon. Each material has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Nylon :

  • Very Strong
  • Resistant to Tears and Abrasions
  • Absorbs Water
  • Fast Drying
  • Resistant to Mildew
  • Flexible Material
  • Slightly UV Resistant

Polyester :

  • Not as Strong
  • Not quite resistant to abrasions and tears
  • Absorbs some water
  • Slower drying
  • Resistant to Mildew
  • Slightly Flexible
  • Highly Resistant to UV

Fabric Weave Style – Just like construction materials, the fabric weave style of the backpack can also affect the durability and strength of the backpack. Most tactical bags use a standard diagonal weave. It has always been a tried and tested method to enhance and protect the backpack from abrasions and tears.

1) Ripstop Fabric  –Ripstop fabrics have a standard grid pattern. Heavy threads are carefully sewn into the fabric at close intervals. The thread is thick and prevent a small tear from spreading. This weave is very resistant and strong to tearing. Most manufacturers have started using Nylon Ripstops.

2) Kodra and Cordura Fabric – Cordura is a popular air treated nylon fabric. It has been created by Dupont. Kodra is also a similar fabric. It is produced by Olon Intl, Korea. The basic texture of this fabric is fuzzy and rough. This create exceptional abrasion resistance. The weave also uses thicker fibers to provide superior resistance and strength.    However, this fabric also has a drawback. It makes your tactical backpack slightly heavier. Moreover, pound for pound, it is less durable than Nylon Ripstop. But it’s more durable per square inch.

3) Oxford Weave – Oxford weave is a linear, smooth weave. It is most commonly found in cars’ seat belts. This weave is neither very strong nor resistant. Hence, if backpack strength is important for your specific needs, you should avoid this weave style.

Material Density – This is another factor that affects the durability and strength of the tactical backpack. It is important to measure the fabric’s weight. Fabrics are available in a wide range of weights. This can have a major impact on the durability, strength and appearance of your tactical backpack.

Denier is the specific measurement to measure fabric weight. A Denier is the standard unit for fineness of yarn. It is equal to one gram per 9000 meters of yarn. In simple terms, if the Denier is higher, your backpack is more durable, heavy and strong.

At The End

All the features in tactical backpacks make them perfect for hikes, camping trips and weekend trips. They are also great for police and military personnel. I sincerely hope this guide helps you make the best choice while looking for a tactical backpack. If you want to know more or give some valuable information or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below.

Final words:

We have put an extensive effort to understand every important facts of a tactical backpack and shared them with you. You must have been jumping from one website to another to understand them properly. We have thought of every necessary questions and tried to answer them to satisfy your curiosity.

You will find everything you need to know about tactical backpack in our site. We will keep updating and improving our content with the latest information so that you can stay on top of your game.

We are also open for suggestions of all sorts and you can also contact us with your specific need. We will be more than happy to assist you like we have already tried with our well researched content.

Our best small tactical backpack section is also very rich with relevant content. If you need one of the best small tactical backpacks, then feel free to check that section. Work hard, enjoy the adventures of life and of course start your day with the best tactical backpack.

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