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If you are searching for the best Nose rings for sale online then this is the right Place.Wearing a nose rings is a great way to add a little something to your style; it’s fashionable yet discreet – the perfect type of understated piercing in a business environment. Whether you choose you chose to pierce your nostril, the fleshy portion of your nose or the septum, the small area of soft flesh in the front of the cartilage in the center of your nose, it’s a great look.

The most common jewelry used during initial nose piercings is a screw twist made of high quality surgical steel. Captive bead rings and circular barbells are often used, as well. Those that feature a small ball on the end are preferable; however, a small prong or bezel set gemstone is becoming more common. Avoid anything with glue on it because it interferes with the sterilization process.

The standard size for a nose piercing is 20G; however, your piercer will pierce with a large needle (up to 14G) to allow for better healing. Never use jewelry smaller than recommended by your piercer, as there is more risk of rejection, tearing, and migration.

The length of screw twist jewelry will be 1/4-inch wearable length. This accommodates swelling and gives the piercing room to be cleaned easily.

If you’re getting pierced with a CBR or circular barbell, it should measure 5/16-inch or 3/8-inch.

Best Nose Rings That don’t fall out

Nose rings have become one of the most popular piercings in recent times. Everyone from Miley Cyrus to Justin Bieber has a nose piercing these days. The nose piercing is less taboo than it once was, and is culturally acceptable today.

Nose piercing has a rich history associated with it. Wearing nose jewelry was once a traditional piercings amongst many tribes and people; however, today it is a fashionable accessory among men and women, of varying ages. Nose studs are one of the most common pierced of nose jewelry, and are the least noticeable piece of nose jewelry.

Nose rings are also a popular choice and one of the most classic styles for wearing a nose ring. Hoop nose rings are sexy and stylish, and add a fun flair to anybody’s nostril. amazon carries a wide selection of nose jewelry from nose studs, to nose chains. We also carry a selection of septum rings in a variety of gauges and materials. When looking for the best nose jewelry, why not let amazon be your number one stop for all of your piercing needs?

Placement: Your piercer will mark the location of the piercing so you can see if you are happy with the placement. Once you’ve agreed, it’s time to pierce.

Cost considerations: We have a large range of the nest nose rings that don’t fall out ranging from around $1.99 and up to several hundred dollars for high quality 14K gold diamond and genuine birthstone studs. Don’t think that diamond and gold nose rings are out of your price range, though. They start around $25.00 and go up from there.

Important: Never use a standard earring for a nostril piercing, as they are typically 22G, and can cause a piercing to migrate and heal improperly. Also, the length is too long, which can damage the cartilage and scratch delicate nose tissue.

Nose Rings For Sale?

You followed all the advice and you’re completely healed. Now for the fun part – shopping for jewelry to adorn your awesome piercing!

Remember when we talked about body jewelry sizes? It’s still important. You want to look for 20G and 18G nose ring jewelry with a wearable length of 1/4-inch.

Most of the best nose rings have a barbell made from either 316L surgical steel, titanium, gold, glass, or bioplast (acrylic). The reason for this is that these materials are more pure and tend to have fewer additives that your body can react to.

Where to buy Nose Rings Online

best nose rings

Who knew that buying a nose ring came with so many decisions? Fortunately, Alluring Body has done all of the research for you. Here’s how to select the perfect size, metal, and fit.

Diamond Size

Take into account your personal taste, work environment, and facial features when choosing a diamond size. Our 1.2mm diamond is ideal for a conservative workplace or if you want a tiny bit of sparkle. The 1.6mm Perfect Diamond Nose Stud is aptly named because it really is the perfect size for most people and still relatively discrete. If you enjoy sporting large pieces of jewelry, you’ll be happiest with a larger diamond, like our bold diamond nose stud. Also consider the size of your nose. Our 2mm diamond may overwhelm a smaller nose, whereas the 1.2mm diamond may go unnoticed on a more prominent nose. If you are still undecided, keep in mind that the best nose rings are like any other kind of jewelry; one may not fit all of your needs. Many customers order a selection that reflect their changing activities and moods.

What is The Best Metal For Nose Rings

Metals that aren’t biocompatible can irritate your skin. Surgical steel and titanium are not 100% biocompatible unless they’re implant grade steel or implant certified titanium (Ti6Al4V ELI). Steel can become very cold, making it a poor choice for nose jewelry. Sterling silver can cause irritation or permanent skin discoloration.

Alluring Body jewelry is made of solid nickel-free 18k white gold, solid nickel-free 18k gold, solid platinum, or solid nickel-free 14k rose gold. Our metal offerings are excellent choices in our experience and according to the Association of Professional Piercers.

A poorly finished nose stud can be uncomfortable and irritating. “Hand finished” does not guarantee a smooth finish. Alluring Body expertly finishes each nose ring or stud to a smooth, fine polish. They are simply beautiful and the best you can buy.

Post Style

Alluring Body nose studs are available as pins (also known as bones or studs), screws (or U shaped), and L shaped.

  • L Post (Standard): L bends are usually used for initial piercings because they are easy to get in. They are also a nice choice for someone who has trouble getting the U shaped screw in, or who likes to change their jewelry often. They are easy and relatively secure.
  • Pin Post: Nose pins offered by Alluring Body are incredibly comfortable and easy to wear. The little ball on the end is simply pushed through the piercing and holds the jewelry in place – it is not detachable. We have perfected the size of the ball so it is easy to get in, but also tight enough to be secure. If you find that nose screws flip around or are uncomfortable, our nose pins are your best choice. Because the end ball can damage the delicate skin in new piercings, they are only intended for healed piercings.
  • U Post (Nose Screw): Alluring Body nose screws are designed to fit securely. The screw is threaded through the piercing, resulting in a very secure fit. Nose screws can be difficult to get in. We recommend having your piercer insert your nose screw for the first time. If you have a very active lifestyle or are concerned about your nose ring falling out, this is probably the best style for you.

How To Choosing The Best Nose Rings

Nose piercings have become far more widely accepted these days, especially compared to the reputation they had before. Still, when choosing jewelry, it’s important to keep both external concerns (what coworkers, clients, and others think) and internal factors (healing time, your own lifestyle and personality) in mind. It’s especially important that you choose your starter nose jewelry carefully, since you’ll need to leave it in for the entire time while you’re healing. Here are some things to take into consideration:

  • Today, fewer employers completely ban nose piercings, although some may ask that workers pick flesh-colored jewelry or require only studs of a particular size or shape. If you work outside of your home, be sure to keep your workplace’s policies in mind when choosing your starter jewelry—or you may be forced to make the painful decision between losing your piercing or losing your job.
  • It is very important to select jewelry that suits your body and lifestyle, as well. If you’re active, you’ll want to choose something that doesn’t get in the way of that activity. If you’re sensitive to certain metals, it’s important to keep that in mind, too.
  • For your first nose jewelry, you may want to choose something simple and as conducive to healing as possible. This isn’t the time to choose a Hello Kitty nose ring, nose bone jewelry, or some other outlandish style that may cause issues not only in healing but at work and/or school.

Read on for a few more things you may not have considered when it comes to getting your nose pierced for the first time.

What to Think About Before Getting Your Nose Pierced

  • Why you need to choose jewelry carefully BEFORE you get pierced.
  • Taking heal time, pain tolerance, and pain reduction measures into consideration beforehand.
  • Which styles and metal types are the smartest choices for new piercings.
  • If you’ll need to have the option of hiding your piercing, how to plan accordingly.
  • How to care for a new piercing to avoid healing complications.

How Will They Pierce My Nose? What Will Happen?

Knowing what’s going to happen when you get pierced will help you understand why jewelry choice is so important.

  1. First, the piercer will thoroughly sanitize the site.
  2. Next, the piercer marks the spot with a pen. They’ll ask you to look in a mirror to make sure the spot is properly placed.
  3. Then they’ll gently clamp your nose with an instrument that holds it steadily in place.
  4. Next, they’ll push the hollow needle through with one quick movement. This is when you’ll feel the most pain—it will be sharp and quick.
  5. Finally, the’ll insert the jewelry. This can sometimes be a bit painful, too. You’ll leave this jewelry in until entirely healed, so choose wisely!
  6. Lastly, they’ll carefully re-sterilize the area.

Take Heal-Time Into Consideration

Heal time depends on many factors, including where the piercing is, what jewelry you choose, aftercare, etc.

How long does it take for a nose piercing to heal?

  • Septum piercings generally heal the fastest, from 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Bridge piercings (up at the top of the nose ridge, between the eyes) are second-fastest, from 8 to 12 weeks.
  • Nostril piercings take 3 to 6 months.
  • Nasallang piercings (a tri-nasal piercing done horizontally across the nose) can take 4 to 6 months to heal.
  • Rhino piercings (done vertically, through the tip of the nose)takefrom 6 to 9 months.

Consider Your Pain Tolerance

Of course, everyone experiences pain differently. So if you know that you are relatively sensitive to pain, take that into account when you schedule your appointment.

How much does it hurt?

It’s hard to say. For comparison’s sake, It will likely hurt more than getting your ears pierced, and a septum piercing will be an added degree of pain. But getting a nostril pierced should be significantly less painful than a cartilage piercing. If you’ve never been pierced, you might describe the pain to is sharp, quick, and ultimately bearable, although you’ll feel a dull ache for a few days afterwards.

How can I avoid piercing pain?

  • As with most things, the more calm and relaxed you are, the less stressful it will be. Practice anxiety-reducing techniques, if you need to.
  • If you have a low pain threshold, you should consider the thinnest jewelry —those would be the 20 gauge ones. The lower the number of the gauge, the bigger the hole that’s required for the piercing. For example, this means that a 16 gauge piercing is bigger than a 20 gauge one.
  • Make sure to use a reputable piercer who has the right kinds of tools. If you ask your cousin to pierce your nose with a plastic piercing gun, you’ll certainly feel a lot more pain.
  • Make sure to keep the site clean and follow all the aftercare recommendations until the site is fully healed.

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Getting a nose piercing always comes with potential complications. This is common for any jewelry that is intended to be worn through or inside you, so it is essential to take precautions in order to minimize health risks and discomfort.

Two common issues that people face after a nose piercing are allergies and infections. While there are a range of factors that can contribute to this, one major aspect to consider is the type of metal you choose for your nose ring.

True, there are many nose ring metals out there to choose from. But all nose ring metals aren’t created equal.

Here’s the rundown on the best nose ring metals for your jewelry and the types to avoid.

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