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Almost everyone needs a backpack to carry something important for their work now a days. Best small tactical backpack help us to carry books, laptops, engineering tools, medical tools and other important gears relate to our work.

If you are looking for something a little smaller, without compromising the quality of the construction or the storage compartments, then this list of the best small tactical backpacks on the market right now.

Even without the large volume of main or sub-compartment space, having a backpack that can handle your daily gear without slowing you down is a luxury that more and more people are actively signing up for.

Choosing The Best Small Tactical Backpack

Best small tactical backpacks are a handy tool to assist you in your everyday life. By definition tactical refers to something related to the military, but it does not restrict anyone from using it.

That simply emphasizes on the quality of the backpack. We need to carry various tools and stuff in order to cope with our modern life. Those tools or gears empowers us on performing multiple tasks so carrying them properly becomes important.

A different build of small tactical backpacks are designed to carry camera, lenses and other important gears necessary for a professional photographer.

Small Tactical backpacks are easily identifiable by their storage and organizational features, but also by their sturdy and rugged construction that is comfortable for the user to wear.

The size for a small tactical backpack may differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, but usually it does not go beyond 1500 – 1700 cubic inches. You have to determine the right size and design based on your need.

A little guidance through the process will help you to get the best output in the long run. Our choice from the professional point of view may differ but what we all aim for is almost similar.

We all want the best service from our tools and stuff and the same truth goes for tactical backpacks. Ordinary backpacks also have some nice qualities, but tactical backpacks offer a complete package.

Let us guide you to determine the best small tactical backpack 2018 most suitable for you.

Best Small Tactical Backpack Reviews

1. ArcEnCiel 20L Men’s Tactical Bag

best small tactical backpackWith a 20L capacity, this small tactical backpack is anything but limiting to the user. Designed with a complete layout of a MOLLE system, there are numerous accessories that can be added on to the pack to meet literally any user’s needs. With a large part of the bag being Velcro material, there is a lot of customization and versatility that comes along with it as well.For example, the two side pockets (water bottle carrier and storage pocket) can be detached for less weight and a slimmer pack size. To add even more of what makes this pack a good value, it is comprised of durable nylon that is fade resistant and waterproof.

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Waterproof: Keep your gear safe from the elements in the water-resistant pack.

Customizable : With the MOLLE system, you can customize the pack just how it suits you the best.

Several Pockets/Compartments :Have no shortages of space or organizational compartments for proper planning on your outing.


Production Smell :vSeveral customers have reported a chemical smell when the pack was new, likely part of the production process.


2. Paladineer Outdoor Gear Assault Backpack

best small tactical backpackThis lightweight pack is built for taking on the long trips. It is designed with a MOLLE system and is PALS equipment compatible, meaning that the customization options are virtually endless. One of the biggest selling features of this particular tactical pack is its breathable air flow system. The back of the backpack is a thickened sponge, offering air flow through the pack and lessening the likelihood of sweating underneath the backpack with prolonged use. Combine these key features with something handy like a headphone jack being integrated into the top of the pack for convenience, and you’ve got an affordably quality tactical backpack.

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High Strength Nylon Construction :Tensile strength is what you are looking for, no matter the size of the pack. This high-test nylon delivers all the strength and durability you need.

Breathable Design :With a dense sponge backing material, air flow is less restricted. This offers a cooler and more comfortable carrying experience.

Integrated Headphone Jack : If you are someone that enjoys listening to some music while you hunt, hike or patrol, take advantage of the integrated headphone jack.


Pack Isn’t Reinforced : As the cheaper price might suggest, some of the stress points aren’t as reinforced as they are in more expensive options.

3. Small Military Tactical Backpack

best small tactical backpackMany of the tactical packs that you will find (regardless of their overall size) will promote how they can accommodate hydration bladders of varying sizes. What you rarely find is the pack that already comes with one along with the pack. This backpack has a lot of interesting features that have given it a spot in the “best bang for your buck” category. Quiet paracord zipper handles allow you to easily access each of the 5 primary compartments of the backpack without being heard. There are hooks to hang the bladder inside of the large compartment area, making it easy to pack around and less likely to fall to the bottom of the bag.

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Included Hydration Bladder : Don’t spend any extra money getting a hydration bladder for your new pack, this one already has a 3L bladder included with the purchase.

Waterproof : Keep your gear and food from getting wet with the waterproof construction of the pack.

One Year Warranty; Few packs offer a warranty at all, let alone one that lasts a full year. If you have any issues they will replace or refund your purchase without hesitation or trouble.


Straps Are Thin :Several users have discussed the shoulder straps being thinner than what you would traditionally see in even the smaller tactical packs.

 4. Seibertron Falcon Water Repellent Hiking Camping Backpack

best small tactical backpackThis is a great pack for almost any outing that you might have planned. With a designated bladder pouch, your hydration bladder is out of the way and not taking up vital space in the backpack itself. For a small backpack, this has quite a lot of storage room for any and all of your essential items to take. Apart from its primary largest compartment, there are two medium sized compartments for smaller gear as well. Additionally, the pack is waterproof and constructed of a very durable 900D material that will withstand quite a lot of potential wear and tear.

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Waterproof Construction :Don’t let the bad weather hold you back any longer, take your waterproof pack and keep your gear dry.

Spacious : Even for a small tactical pack, this has a spacious compartment that can store a great deal of your essential items.

MOLLE System: Customize your backpack with various attachments.


Designated Bladder Pocket Is Small : The bladder pocket on the back of the pack is slightly smaller than it is billed to be, which doesn’t allow you to fully fill the bladder and wear the pack comfortably.

 5. Mil-Tec US Assault Pack

best small tactical backpackWhen you are interested in a pack that was meant to be used in military posts around the world, this would be a great small tactical pack to check out. This might not have all the bells and whistles that some of the other backpacks on the list have, but it does have a rugged construction and an ergonomic design that have the wearer and his/her needs in mind. While the volume comes in at a modest 20L, the pack is light and completely customizable through loops and D rings to add any attachment that you might of the best small military backpack for traveling.

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PVC Coated Polyester : If you are looking for durability and ruggedness, look no further than this PVC coated polyester construction on the pack.

MOLLE System: Experience the versatility of the tactical backpack by using any of the many MOLLE compatible loops or D rings for added attachments.

Built In Velcro Pocket :Decide what kind of storage you need (or don’t) with this easy to attach and remove Velcro pocket.


Not Ideal For Heavier Loads :While the pack is durable and rugged, it is not ideal for heavier loads over a prolonged period of time.


6. Condor Compact Assault Pack

best small tactical backpackEfficiency and dependability are the name of the game when it comes to this hot selling tactical backpack. Condor has become a trusted name among tactical gear enthusiasts and professionals alike, and this pack is simplistic and effective without compromising the quality that you would expect from the name. While there are only 4 compartments to this pack, they are large enough to store all of your primary gear without a lot of trouble and its durable construction ensures that your stored gear makes it to where you are headed in the same shape you packed it of the best small tactical backpack for the money.

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Lightweight : Never miss a beat on your adventure with this lightweight and easy to carry pack.

Simple  : While it might not be loaded up with bells and whistles, the four primary compartments are spacious enough to carry your essential gear.

Durable: When you buy a pack, you want it to last. This durable material will hold up against even the most grueling of conditions.


Shoulder Straps Are Not Traditionally Sewn : Shoulder straps are attached to another strap, which is then sewn into the pack. This makes it feel flimsy to wear for some users.

7. 5.11 Tactical Rush 12 Backpack

best tactical backpackIf versatility and organization are what matter most to you when you are considering your next small tactical backpack, look no further than the 5.11 RUSH 12. This pack is a great EDC pack or a one day backpack for your hiking or outdoor adventures. With a total of 16 different compartments throughout this modest pack, you have all the organizational control to find just what you need quickly and efficiently. Additionally, you will find the dense and rugged 1050D water resistant nylon material it is built from to withstand any condition you find yourself in seamlessly.

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Water Resistant  :Never fear the precipitation again with this tough water resistant construction.

16 Compartments : Get more organized and prepared than you thought possible with 16 different storage compartments.

MOLLE and 5.11 SlickStick Systems : Completely versatile systems, offering attachments both from 5.11 and MOLLE hook ups.


Yoked Shoulder Straps : The U-shape of the yoked shoulder straps can rub into a neck for those that wear a pack very high on their backs.


best small tactical backpack

  1. What is the most important aspect to consider while buying the best small tactical backpack?

Answer: The purpose of the best small tactical backpack is the most important aspect to consider. If you fail to make the right call with the goal of your backpack, then everything else will fall short. You do not want to buy a backpack specially designed to carry laptop with the intention to go for hunting with it. Hopefully you have got the point and the importance of it.

  1. Do the best tactical backpack have extra straps with them?

Answer: Extra straps are useful to have with your backpack, but it may not always come with the product. Some manufacturer provides them for free with their product, but it may vary from model to model. You can add them by yourself.

  1. Why tactical backpacks are called bug out bags?

Answer: Bug out has become a popular term for bail out bags. These bags are loaded with emergency supplies to survive for a short period of time and it is mostly seventy two hours. Some bags can help to survive longer than the standard time. Military aviators carry them for surviving if anything goes wrong. The term came from military use, but generally people can also use them to survive any natural disaster or other accidents.

  1. What are the most common mistakes people make while buying the best small tactical backpacks?

Answer: There are plenty of mistakes that people make while buying a small tactical backpack. The most common mistakes include not checking the whole bag, making the decision only based on the design, small research, and lack of interest to read the review etc.

  1. How often should one change the small tactical backpack?

Answer: There is no hard and fast rule that defines how long you can use your backpack. If the functionality is intact and it is serving your purpose, then you do not have to worry about changing it. You can also try second hand backpacks if it is hundred percent intact. You can be picky while choosing second hand electronic gears, but it does not apply with small backpacks. A second hand small backpack with a little faded color will serve like a new one without any doubt.

What to consider when buying best small tactical backpack:

Best Small Tactical Backpack Reviews

It may seem very easy to buy the best small tactical backpack, but indeed it is not. You will find lots of people regretting their decision after they have bought the bag. This can happen if you are not prepared to take some time for research. Everything you spend on must be well researched to avoid hassles after the purchase.

This is a good place to get started with your best small tactical backpack research. Here you will get precise information and also get deep insight of the facts that you must consider before choosing to buy a backpack.

We have sorted out the most important facts that are unavoidable and left the minor ones aside because shooting lots of information in your way may confuse you in the first place. This is definitely not the first time you are going to buy a best small molle backpack.

You may already have one, but unfortunately it does not serve you as expected. You did not think much before buying that. Let’s check the most important steps so this time nothing unexpected can happen.

We highly recommend you to check the following steps before doing anything else.

  • Design
  • Weight
  • Space
  • Comfort

Design: This is an important factor to consider not only for the beautiful look, but also for the internal design of the backpack. Nice look is not the primary concern here, but it is a concern. You do not want to get something that does not go well with your personality or the adventures that you plan with your best small tactical backpack. The purpose of that best small molle backpack should be the only consideration while deciding on the design.

If you have plans to engage in lots of outdoor activities like hiking, camping and hunting then you should consider something that blends with the nature. Getting something that stands out from the woods can be fun, but it is not professional.

Best Small Tactical Backpack

On the other hand, if you need it to carry to your office, then consider something that goes well with your office environment. There are students who consider to carry fancy backpacks you can do that too, if you are a student. There is no harm having some fun, but there is no compromise with the internal design of the best small military backpack.

Internal compartments are designed to help us load our best small molle backpack efficiently. What are you planning to carry in your backpack or store inside it is the top priority here.

Tactical backpacks are also known as bug out bags or bail out bags when it contains survival kit for a short period. Usually military persons like aviators use them in emergencies. Its only focus is to survive seventy two hours or so. Internal compartments divide the total space of the backpack into several sections. This makes it easy for us to store different sized things separately yet they are together.

There are universal designs to achieve more general goals. Then comes the specific designs like to carry a laptop or some tool of that sort demands special attention. You should understand these features and make a professional decision out of what you need and what you have.

Weight: You may not see this coming, but weight is an issue that can compromise the whole deal. All you want is a light weighted but durable backpack. If the backpack is heavy then the weight is going to stick with you for its lifetime. Your gears will have their weight. You must carry them despite their weight.

The Best small Tactical Backpack

Always choose a light weighted best small molle backpack so you can carry it around with ease. The extra weight can cause serious problem in the upcoming future as there might be shoulder pain carrying that extra load.

You might be forced to leave important things behind due to the weight, thus the backpack will eventually become a problem for you rather than your desired solution. This is a blow back you do not want from your desired product. Weight has some psychological issue with it. People tend to believe that best quality product is generally a little heavy.

There are experiments that show researchers that people have different opinion about the taste of the same drink while offered in a light weighted mug and a heavy weighted mug. Interesting fact but certainly it does not have anything with your best small tactical backpack. So choose with caution and allow yourself to move around with peace.

Space: Best small tactical backpack space is another complicated yet very important fact to consider. If you fight to accommodate your gears then every effort is wasted. The space will be limited, but if it limits your minimum requirement, then it has no use. Check the entire bag thoroughly and carefully with the list of gears in your mind and try to fit them inside it.

Make sure it has some extra space for other uses. There can be emergency while you have to carry something that you do not intend to carry now. This planning will save you from troubles that you do not see coming at this point.

the small tactical backpack

Comfort: This is our pick, but certainly not the least. The right balance of weight and properly designed straps will allow you travel the whole day without even realizing the load you have with you. The straps must have comfortable padding for extra comfort. This can become a very different story if the backpack is not comfortable enough. The best backpack should equally distribute the weight all over your shoulders and back so there is no extra pressure on any single shoulder or somewhere else. Otherwise, this can lead to unpleasant situations and even force you to visit a doctor.

With all those above mentioned steps there are some extra features that you may also consider. Extra straps for emergency usage, water proofing and webbed pockets around your best small tactical backpack under $50 are some of the extra features. Price is also an important fact. Do not get fooled by expensive products and their creative stunts. There are a handful of quality products within a reasonable price. Well then choose wisely and enjoy.

Best Small Tactical Backpacks Under $50 in 2019

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Final Words:

Best small tactical backpacks are very useful for our modern life as we often need to carry our gears with us. If you are among those people who love to travel and hunt on their free time then you should already know the importance of them.

We have high hopes that our guide will lead you to make the best decision for your backpack. We tried to keep our instructions simple and straight forward to make things easy for you.

There is no point complicating things while you can express them in simple terms. You can always come back here and check our other helpful guides for more benefits. Go out with confidence and win the day that is all we wish for our beloved guests.

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