The Best Shopping On The Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas is famous for its gambling and entertainment possibilities. Many vacationers wishing to partake of gambling activities that are against the law where they are traveling from head to the city of Las Vegas every day. The city’s reputation grew on the back of legalized gambling and that growth continues today even though gambling is no longer the only thing the city is famous for.

When it comes to having the opportunity to see a large number of big name entertainers and shows, few locations can compete with the city of Las Vegas. Stars from the world of comedy, music, magic, and other performing arts perform throughout the city and often many well known entertainment personalities can be seen at in Las Vegas during the same visit to the city.

No where in Las Vegas is this emphasis on gambling and entertainment seen more than on the world famous Las Vegas Strip. There is more to do there though than gamble and see a show, the Las Vegas Strip is home to some of the best shopping in the entire United States.

Some of the first class shopping opportunities that visitors to the Las Vegas Strip enjoy on a regular basis include:

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The Grand Canal Shoppes At The Venetian

Located inside the Venetian Hotel Casino, the Grand Canal Shoppes are designed to allow for some of the best shopping in the area and also bring the flavor of Italy to the shoppers lucky enough to frequent it. The Grand Canal Shoppes are a great place to shop and also to see some of the more luxurious items available for sale in Las Vegas.

The Forum Shops At Caesars Palace

For anyone looking for the finer things in life, a visit to the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace is a must. With the ceiling painted sky blue with a nice cloud cover and the mall filled with incredible fountains, it is as much a destination for lookers as it is for shoppers.

The Miracle Mile Shops At Planet Hollywood

With well over 150 stores and a great selection of restaurants that numbers in the teens, the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood are a popular stop both for shoppers staying at the hotel there and those staying elsewhere. This is one of the more modern shopping experiences available in all of Las Vegas.

The Town Square

Located on the south end of the Las Vegas Strip, the Town Square is home 1.5 million square feet of shops and restaurants. There are many different themes represented in the styling of the Town Square’s architecture, and it has one of the most unique selection of stores a traveler will find any where.

Fashion outlets of las vegas Fashion Show

Any visitor to Las Vegas seeking a large number of stores catering to fashion and clothing is well served with a visit to Fashion Show. Fashion Show is a mall actually has sky walks that access some of the surrounding casinos themselves making the street crossing and walking process so much simpler. From time to time, the mall hosts big name fashion shows on its 80 foot retractable runway.

The Hawaiian Marketplace

Visitors to Las Vegas are used to finding places that offer something completely different, and they are never disappointed with a trip to The Hawaiian Marketplace.

The shopping area itself is modeled after the International Marketplace in Honolulu and is primarily an outdoor shopping center. The exquisite decorations are only topped by the high quality items found for sale there.

Las vegas shopping outlets Showcase Mall

The Showcase Mall is a great quick stop for along the Las Vegas Strip. The mall features the eye catching storefronts of M&M’s World and The World of Coca-Cola, but there is more too including eating opportunities and a oasis for fans of video games in the form of GameWorks located in the basement. The Showcase Mall is located across the street from the New York New York Hotel & Casino and next to the MGM Grand.

Le Boulevard at Paris | Paris las vegas

With its distinctly European flavor, Le Boulevard is a shopper’s paradise. The selection of stores cannot be matched both for what they have to offer and because very few shopping opportunities exist any where in the country with the type of stores offered at Le Boulevard.

Las Vegas Outlet Center

When it is time for the visitor to Las Vegas to shop for the more normal items in life, the place to head to is the Las Vegas Outlet Center. Bargains galore can be found there and some of them come from the types of brand names and manufacturers that shoppers are not used to seeing at an outlet center.

Las vegas shopping outlets

Boasting some of the higher end luxury retailers in the area, The Shoppes at the Palazzo caters to the more discriminating shopper that frequents the Las Vegas Strip.

Some of the more unique features in shopping are on display at The Shoppes at the Palazzo including video interactive shopping in some locations. Many shoppers leave The Shoppes as big fans of the eating establishments there as well as the two-story waterfall that is located there.

From clothing, to home decor, to jewelry and more, the finest things available from retailers can be purchased on or near the famous Las Vegas Strip. While strolling through the vast selections of luxurious items for sale, shoppers can also be treated to some of the best restaurant food and refreshments enjoyed any where.

Paris Las Vegas

Even for those not looking to make some rather expensive purchases, a visit to the shopping areas of the Las Vegas Strip provide for some great people watching experiences as well.

Las Vegas is known for catering to gamblers and those seeking entertainment of all sort, but it is also gaining a well deserved reputation as a mecca for shoppers too. Experiencing the high quality shopping opportunities available there is one more reason that visitors should use for staying on the Las Vegas Strip.

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