Five Great Places To Visit In Fargo, North Dakota

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Located on the eastern border of the state of North Dakota, Fargo is the largest city in the state and the main metropolitan area in the region. Fargo has a long and storied history with many ties to both the old west era of American history as well as the early American exploration period.

The entire state of North Dakota is known for its wide open spaces and the Fargo area shares that trait. One of the strengths of the area is its low population and the fact that it is a little off the beaten path. It is very possible to head to Fargo, North Dakota and both have a great vacation as well as escape the crowds that a person might be tiring of in their home regions.

Here are Five great places to visit in Fargo, North Dakota.

1. Plains Art Museum

Visitors to the Plains Art Museum in downtown Fargo can enjoy viewing the many exhibits of Native American art, Cowboy art, folk art and even contemporary art housed in one of the best art galleries in the entire Midwest.

There is a great deal of interesting pieces available in the permanent pieces on display there, but the gallery really comes alive when special showings of both local and nationally known artists or genres are held.

2. Fargo Air Museum

The Fargo Air Museum is a great stop for anyone with any interest in the history of transportation. Beyond that though, the museum has enough exhibits, artifacts and information to also entertain and inform those with just a minor or general interest in history too.

The museum is located very near to Hector International Airport and has a number of historic and rare aircraft on display, most of which are in flying condition. Some of the aircraft available for viewing include one of only three known Super Corsair planes, a P-51D Mustang, a T-6 Texan, a Zero Fighter, a PT-17 and a PT-19 among many others. The museum is also home to a full-scale replica of a Wright Brothers flyer that is truly a sight to see.

3. The Roger Maris Museum

Easily the most famous, and possibly most loved, person to come out of Fargo, Roger Maris is an icon in this small community. The Roger Maris Museum is a large exhibit, housed in glass, and put on display at the West Acres Shopping Mall.

The museum covers every step of his great career including the legendary 1961 season when he battled Mickey Mantle and broke Babe Ruth’s single season home run record. Among other things on display in the museum are some of the great player’s uniforms, gloves and other artifacts from his early days in baseball right up until his retirement from the game.

4. The Children’s Museum At Yunker Farm

One of the best places to go to in Fargo, especially for a family with young children, is the Children’s Museum at Yunker Farm. With well over fifty exhibits, many of them interactive, the Children’s Museum at Yunker Farm is the kind of attraction that can entertain kids for most of the day.

Among the many features of the farm are a carousel as well as a children’s railroad. The farm offers the kind of opportunities for hands on fun that makes it so kids don’t even realize they are participating in a sometimes educational activity.

5. Bonanzaville USA

A great step back into history can be had with a visit to Bonanzaville USA. This attraction is a recreated pioneer village in which there are many interactive and hands-on pieces of history to learn from.

With almost half a million historical artifacts on display and in use at the village, the visitor truly gets a first hand look at what life in the Red River Valley during the 19th century must have been like. Easily one of the nicest looks at historical life available in the area.

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Things to do in Fargo at Night

A trip to the Fargo ND , North Dakota area can open the eyes of the traveler up to all the things that some of the smaller and less popular points of the country have to offer. From the large number of outdoor recreation pursuits that are available in the state to the historical sites and museums,

Fargo moorhead has a number of things that are quite appealing to many visitors coming to the area for the first time, as well as the locals who are more than familiar with the region. Fargo has more than enough attractions and things to do to interest and occupy a great many different people, regardless of their ages or backgrounds.

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