Know more about Social media impact

Our world is travelling into next stage of development where it provides happiness and there are other sides of picture also. We all have been unknown about the character and individuals do not understand the effects of using this technology. Of course technology is important and without technology we can’t run a way of life, to that extent our life has grown to be occupied. Having lost our self into every facet of the technological development, automation, technicality, mechanization each other thing which are associated with technology we’re unsure about things.

Bed to Bed

It starts from your home since the moment we up in the morning and till we go to sleep in the night, we are running behind technology since it has made our work very easy for us and technology is doing many work for us. However, if we say the facts it is not the way we think it is just opposite to that particular we are behind we have. One of the slavery areas of technology is social media application. People really had friendship and all friends were real whenever they were not used to this kind of social media applications.

Occupied and engaged

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram have begun occupying the time of person. He or she has become completely occupied using this website and platform because they enable them to be engaged with social media application. Individuals have literally fallen of these kinds and they’re ready to do anything for Facebook or social networking. It was initially did start to network with people but network moved into another level and still have made a slave where we do not make real friends rather we make friends whom we do not know. Now even more, people search
how to get real facebook fan page likes.

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